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Jennings' Choice: Heads You Get Cutler, Tails You Get Romo


Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings, who is sidelined with a groin injury, was a guest on the show this week.

Cohen and Phillips asked Jennings a hypothetical question.

If Aaron Rodgers was not your quarterback and you had to find a new quarterback but could only choose between Tony Romo of the Cowboys and Jay Cutler of the Bears, which would you choose?

Jennings laughed and said flip a coin. The following exchange then took place:

  • Cohen:  “It lands on heads, you’ve got Cutler, what do you think?”
  • Jennings:  “Oh, man.  That’s what I’m thinking.”
  • Cohen:  “It’s painful, right?  To say that you would want him as your quarterback?”
  • Jennings:  (laughs) “I mean, personally, going from Brett to Aaron and then going to Cutler?  Don’t get me wrong, good guy.  Whoooo.”
  • Cohen: “Same thing with Romo, I assume, also, right?”
  • Jennings:  “They just don’t make great decisions. It’s kind of like, OK, OK, get rid of the ball!  OK, OK, throw it!  You know?  But, I mean, they’re in their systems, that works for them sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t work out best. But, hey, I’m not worried about it because I have a quarterback.”







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