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#FilmRoom1063: Taking a look at Cardinal Newman TE Andrew Owers

May 01, 2014 -- 11:40am
ESPN West Palm's "coach", Chris Kokell, gives a comprehesive film breakdown of high school football prospects across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.
Position: Tight End, Linebacker
School: Cardinal Newman (Class of 2015)
Height: 6-3
Weight: 225
Top Offers: Bucknell, Holy Cross, Temple
Note: Plays for Cardinal Newman basketball team. Didn't play football until high school.
Where He Excels:
At a full 6'2", 235 lbs, Owers is the perfect combination of size and speed. He runs a 4.7 40-yd dash. Nightmare match-up for defensive coordinators as he is too big for most defensive backs and too fast for most linebackers. Whether lined up on the ball, in the slot, or in the backfield, he gets into and out of his routes quickly. Owers' precise route running makes the job of the QB very easy. Really soft hands for a player of his size. Does a great job of tucking the ball away and keeping it high and tight. Aggressive and tough which helps him on both sides of the ball. Seems to enjoy contact as he finishes blocks on offense and is a plus pass rusher on defense. Good football IQ puts him in the right place and lets him anticipate passes on defense. Owers is a football player, which is the highest compliment a coach can give. Film shows he loves the game.
What To Work On:
Needs to get a little quicker and lower with his first step out of his stance. This will help him immensely in establishing leverage while run blocking. Needs to juke less and run tougher as competition gets stiffer. A summer dedicated to speed training could make him a nightmare for opposing defenses by improving top-end speed. 
Kokell's Film Analysis:
The evolution of football has not only diminished the fullback position, but has also changed the role of the tight end. No longer is the tight end just an extension of the offensive line, it is now vital part of a team's passing game. This often causes coaches to make personnel changes that tip their hand on run vs. pass. One coach that does not have this problem is Cardinal Newman's Steve Walsh. The Crusaders have a player in Andrew Owers that is cut in the mold of today's hybrid TE. Walsh uses Owers as a traditional TE, in the slot, and often in the backfield as the H-Back role that Keith Byars (former Boca Raton head coach) made famous in college and the NFL. What makes Owers even more impressive is that he applies his skills on both sides of the ball as an OLB that can both drop into coverage and get after the quarterback.
Chris Kokell covers high school football for ESPN 106.3 and is the color analyst for "Football Night in South Florida". He has served as head coach at both Pope John Paul II and Forest Hill. To recommend an athlete for Kokell to feature in a future "Film Room", please send player info and a film link to him on Twitter at @REALCOACHK, or e-mail

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