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#FilmRoom1063: Taking a look at Suncoast QB Matt Dame

Jun 19, 2014 -- 12:19pm
ESPN West Palm's "coach", Chris Kokell, gives a comprehesive film breakdown of high school football prospects across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.
(Source: 24/7 Sports)
Position: Quarterback
School: Suncoast (Class of 2016)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 180
Top Offers: Akron, Miami
Note: Led Suncoast to Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 Final 6 appearance after blowout win over Dwyer.
Where He Excels:
Matt Dame's mechanics are solid. He has a decent release time. Dame has above average arm strength and accuracy. I can see why Suncoast's offensive coordinator often has him on designed roll-outs because I love the way he throws on the run. Always gets his shoulders square to the action. This also allows Dame to see and read the defense. Dame never seems flustered when defenders are in his face. On more traditional straight drop back plays, Dame will stay in the pocket as long as possible before flushing to create more time for his receivers to get open. While sitting in the pocket he steps into throws and throws downhill which QB coaches love. This increases his accuracy and control of ball trajectory  Dame has a good understanding of the internal clock in his head (three seconds and get the ball out), has good touch on his short passes and knows when he has to dial one up with a little extra on it to get the ball into tight coverage. HE always delivers the ball on time and accurately allowing his play makers to do just that...make plays.
What To Work On:
One of the things that makes Matt Dame special is his ability to throw outside the pocket on the move, however this situation provides many opportunities for fumbles because he carries the ball at his waist while on the move. He needs to carry the ball at his chest or shoulders with two hands on it until his decides to run or throw. Suncoast ran a lot of play action fakes to move the LBs. He gets a little lazy on his fakes and this is an easy fix. Many high school kids do not realize the importance of holding linebackers and safeties for even a second with play fakes, but it can change the game. Dame has a slight tendency to bring his arm down while cocking the ball back leading to a longer motion which can can cause two problems: 1) The delayed time getting the ball out gives the DB a chance to jump the receivers route, or 2) it could lead to a fumble if he were to get hit at that time.
Kokell's Film Analysis:
If Matt Dame was a senior he would be right in the mix of top quarterbacks in our 2015 class. Being only a rising junior makes him a runaway for the top 2016 QB at this time. Dame is a special QB being able to do what he's done so early in his career. As a younger high school QB he has a great understanding of taking what the defense gives you and hitting his check downs in stride, allowing receivers to turn short passes into big gains. He has a bright future and I think coach Jimmy Clark has a great young quarterback prospect on his hands. Dame seems really locked in on being the best and is always going to camps to improve his skills and work on the flaws in his game. If he keeps up the work ethic and love of the game he shows now, Dame has a great chance to be the top player in the ESPN West Palm Top 63 list in his senior season. Expect to be constantly reading tweets involving Matt Dame picking up offers over the next two years.
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Chris Kokell covers high school football for ESPN 106.3 and is the color analyst for "Football Night in South Florida". He has served as head coach at both Pope John Paul II and Forest Hill. To recommend an athlete for Kokell to feature in a future "Film Room", please send player info and a film link to him on Twitter at @REALCOACHK, or e-mail

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