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#FilmRoom1063: Taking a look at Boynton Beach WR Donte Sylencieux

Jun 30, 2014 -- 1:46pm
ESPN West Palm's "coach", Chris Kokell, gives a comprehesive film breakdown of high school football prospects across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.
(Source: 24/7)
Position: Wide Receiver
School: Boynton Beach (Class of 2015)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 165
Top Offers: FAU, Louisville, Western Kentucky
Note: Plays corner and returns kicks in addition to playing wideout.
Where He Excels:
Donte Sylencieux is a game changer. Despite not being a burner, Donte has a knack for the big play. Great field vision to find running lanes after the catch. Remember that wide receivers with big numbers in the YAC (yards after catch) column often become QB's best friends. Sylencieux has above average hands. Catches the ball at its highest point in red zone situations. Sylencieux wants to score on every play and will keep fighting for yards after the catch. Impressive lateral movement allows him to make defenders miss. Sylencieux does a great job of reading defensive backs when he is running his routes. Waits for the DB to open his hips and then makes his breaks. This creates separation which allows his quarterback to deliver him the ball without fear of throwing an interception. Donte Sylencieux has a very impressive feel for the game of football.
What To Work On:
Needs to get into his routes faster. A lot of trying to bait DB's by coming off the line slow, which works when 11 guys have to focus on Boynton's dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson, but won't work at the next level. Need to see him use more drive routes. Despite having plus hands, Donte lets the ball get into his chest. Throughout the summer Donte should drill catching passes with hands only while his arms are extended. Needs to live in the weight room. Not a burner so being a bigger physical receiver is Donte's ticket. Would like to see more aggressive in the blocking game which would come with the confidence loving the weight room brings. Speed training to work on his top end speed. Has to get his forty time into the 4.6's.
Kokell's Film Analysis:
Boynton Beach has big expectations this year. Everyone is either talking about high profile QB Lamar Jackson or the addition of the St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason's little brother Chauncey. Not head coach Rick Swain. He raves about his special wide receiver Donte Sylencieux. I've known coach Swain for 8+ years and it is rare he gushes about a player the way he does about Donte. After turning on the film, I can see why. Donte Sylencieux will be the "straw that stirs the drink" for the Tigers. He makes big plays on both sides of the ball. When things break down on offense, Jackson can just throw the ball in Donte's direction with confidence he will make the play for him. There is not a route on the route tree I would feel uncomfortable with Sylencieux running successfully. His presence adds an extra dimension to the Tiger's offense. Good luck to the defensive coordinators responsible for slowing the Tiger's offense down. If they try to take a safety and put him in the box to slow down Boynton's ground attack, Sylencieux will make them pay. He's a definite Division I prospect that should have numerous choices of where to go to school. I would recommend Donte really look at the strength coach when he is making his decision. Surrounded by the right people, he could make huge gains in size and speed. After that, there is no telling what the ceiling is for Sylencieux.
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Chris Kokell covers high school football for ESPN 106.3 and is the color analyst for "Football Night in South Florida". He has served as head coach at both Pope John Paul II and Forest Hill. To recommend an athlete for Kokell to feature in a future "Film Room", please send player info and a film link to him on Twitter at @REALCOACHK, or e-mail

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